HIGHLY Hilarious Comedians on Getting Busted

It’s April 20 so we thought we’d take a look at THE most hilarious stoner comedians tell stories on how they got on the wrong side of the law when they got busted. This video is for entertainment purposes; research and abide by your country and/or state legislation before you partake in activities that might contravene the law.

Highly Hilarious Stoner Comedians on How They Got Busted:

Dave Chapelle:
In 2015 Dave Chapelle was viciously heckled and booed after giving an incoherent and lackluster performance in Detroit. In one of his highly successful 2017 Netflix specials, he blamed the episode on the potent weed he had smoked with rappers before the show.

Tommy Chong:
In 2003, Tommy Chong was sentenced to 9 months in prison for selling drug paraphernalia. His bunkmate was Jordan ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Belfort. Chong adviced him to write the memoir which inspired the Oscar-nominated movie.

Louis CK:
Apparently Louis CK is not at his best when he’s high. He admittedly smoked so much when he wrote the draft of Season 5 of Louie that when he came out of his stoned haze and discovered the piles ‘gibberish’ he had written, he scrapped it all and started over.

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