Top 6 Most EPIC Acting Fails

In this edition we bring you a list of 6 hilarious acting fails, badly scripted scenes and awful fight sequences. Don’t forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE. Stay fly homies and remain that way. Peace.

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The Funniest Moments in Sports EVER

These are the funniest moments in sports ever.

Featuring a montage of funny moment like NFL hopefuls, Basketball Bloopers, MLB Miscreant, Gymnastic Face Plant, Hockey Hooligans Broken Backboards, Baseball Bad Swings, Football Follies and Fumbles, epic fails, Basketball Dunk Slams, Soccer ball to the face and more caught on camera, bound to make you laugh!

FEATURED: Soleau Tuvalu- IAAF World 100m Championships 2011, Asian athlete runs through hurdles, Steve McCarthy and Tony Wilson- saved by his mother,
Charlie Zelenoff- 23 year old Welterweight and Floyd Sr., PETA and Randy Johnson, Randy Gordon- Amazing Front Flip Throw-In. Sammy Ndjock’s own goal- Minnesota United and Bournemouth,
Boxer can’t enter or leave ring,Willie DeWitt vs. Pedro Cardenas,Boxer is asked about the state of his mind after 40 matches in one day. Keeper celebrates early, Nate Robinson and Paul Pierce- Head over heels celebration, Leonardo Koutris and the Greek Stretcher bearers, Pete Weber- 1991 BPAA US Open, Spokane Chiefs- 90th Memorial Cup trophy presentation, Nick Young early celebration, Kemba Walker- early celebration, Cibona Zagreb vs. KK Partizan- last second game winner.

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