5 of The Darkest Jokes Ever (PART 2/2)

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George Carlin
The 2001 HBO special, I Kinda Like It When a Lot of People Die was meticulously crafted by George Carlin as a vehicle for his hilariously juvenile yet brutal socio-political views. However, the special was later renamed and this particular bit scrapped because the following day, the 9/11 terror attacks happened.

Jim Jeffries
Evidently, if there’s a comic willing to risk his life for a joke it’s Jim Jeffries. While the Quran does not explicitly prohibit images of Muhammad, most Muslims abide by a rule which bans visual depictions of him. European newspapers in particular have incited terror attacks as a result of cartoons of the religious figure, look up Charlie Hebdo.

Anthony Jeselnik
No topic is off limits for Jeselnik, not even the ultimate sacred cow, children. “I try to say the worst thing you could and get away with it. Once people get that I’m saying awful things for a reason, it takes away that barrier. It gets them to laugh about domestic violence or breast cancer.” – Anthony Jeselnik

Frankie Boyle
Even the King of Pop hasn’t been spared the clench of Boyle’s merciless commentary. In a recording six weeks before he died, a slurring, heavily medicated Michael Jackson fantasized about a comeback tour and using the millions he would earn to build a children’s hospital.

Jimmy Carr
Jimmy Carr is famous for his point-blank and eerily dark one-liners which are guaranteed to make you either laugh or cringe. He has however admitted that drawing a combination of both reactions is the highest compliment

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